These are the 6 Must-Know​ Designers From Russia Fashion Week

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Last week the Fashion train stopped in Moscow for the 39th season of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. Russia continues to draw visitors to its capital for the vast cultural and historical landmarks as well as its noteworthy fashion scene.

Over the last decade, Fashion Week in Moscow has become a platform of opportunity and growth for local and international emerging talent. With over 6o+ brands in the line-up, this season housed a nice range of sustainable designers, model inclusivity and a mix of seasoned and new designers with unique storytelling techniques. Here are the 6 stands out shows.

The young brand’s collection was inspired and bolstered by the memories of two world wars.  A diverse cast of models walked the runway in sheer fabrics with military ribbons and details craft fully emblazed on to them. Sustainability is the core value for this young designer, who says he is determined to express his vision through the use of upcycled materials and leftover fabric scraps.


This young designer is a staple of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. This collection is inspired by his childhood days in Russia during the ’90s. Bakhtin used the runway to tell his story of inclusivity and diversity. Daring suits for women, apron-like skirts for men, colorful prints are some of the few stand out details of his Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Some items featured tailored cuts to reveal inner thighs and stomach, others in fire-red leather, the result – a daring aesthetic that pleased the eye of the onlookers.


“Crazy clothes with an idea” is the ultimate motto behind this brand’s concept and it sure lived it up to it with this past collection. The theme of the show was a gypsy wedding, where every detail was so well thought through that your mind and eye got lost in all the lovely details. Be it the vintage upcycled jewelry, patchwork skirts, bedazzled shoes, wildflower embellished dresses – all these elements took you on a bright and cultural fashion journey. A wedding to be remembered!


This is debut collection for the young brand Expats that is founded by US and Russian designers. The idea behind the Expats brand is to bridge the gap between these two cultures through fashion. The collection is inspired by Polenitsa, Slavic folklore warrior women-Valkyries, the Romanov dynasty as well as the October Communist Revolution. Red is a symbolic color for Russia and was seen as an accent throughout the collection in the form of a cape, a stripe or detailing. From military suits to demi-couture gowns the collection balances timeless style and functionality and encouraged the “See Now Buy Now” concept.


Pirosmani is a well established Russian brand by Jenia Malygina who has been creating garments since 1999. The concept behind the brand is sharp edges and dark, dramatic tailoring. The Spring/Summer 2020 collection embodied a play on abstract prints, textures and fabrics, oversized shapes and a touch of gothic romance. Pirosmani brand has that signature look that makes her a noteworthy candidate for the “best of the week” list.


Innominate originally founded in 2014 as a menswear brand, debuted a very genderfluid collection that embodied a French 70’s vibe to it. Warm colors, wide-brim hats, matching sets, asymmetrical cuts are all of the many elements of this elegant but relaxed collection that looks great on both men and women.

From sustainability to inclusivity, these designers are using the runway as an opportunity to tell their story and mold the bridge to the new fashion era in Russia demonstrating that the country is on the right path to earning its Fashion Week the well-deserved global attention.

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