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Extend the life of your kid’s pants by turning them into cute Knickerbockers. You only need a few minutes, some knitted rib fabric and this step by step tutorial. SEWING PATTERN – HOODED SCARF SEWING PATTERN by JAMIE CHRISTINA: This pattern contains pattern pieces and instructions.

Now that Emma is toilet trained and not wearing nappies through the day, lots of her old pants fit her around the waist perfectly, but look ridiculously short!

These old flared cords were a hand me downs, not my favourite, but great for knocking about at creche. Because I can’t get rid of anything till it’s fully worn out, shortening, not lengthening, was the obvious solution. Extend the life of your kid’s pants by turning them into cute Knickerbockers. Make dresses for weddings, parties or kids dress up with dressmaking fabric.

You will need:

  • Too short pants
  • Ribbed knit fabric (slightly elastic)
  • Scissors
  • Over locker (serger) is ideal, but a normal sewing machine is ok too.
  • General sewing supplies

How to:

1. Here are the too short pants, make sure you are happy with the fit around the waist and rise or you are wasting your time. Try them on your child and mark length just under the knee.

2. The desired length remember to leave a small seam allowance.

3. Measure around child’s calf just below the knee, this should be approximate length to your ribbing. Decide on your width and double as the ribbing is folded in half.

4. Fold each piece of ribbing in half length ways and sew a seam to make a cuff.

5. Fold cuff in half with seam on the inside.

6. Place cuff around bottom of pants leg, position the seam to correspond with the inseam of pants. You may want to pin but careful with the cutting blade if you are using an over locker.

7. Sew the ribbing cuff onto the pants, you will need to stretch the ribbing gently whilst doing this and maybe even gather the pants fabric slightly. If you are using a normal sewing machine, use a straight stitch then zig zag the exposes edges.

8. All done, repeat on other leg.

This is the technique I use to add cuffs to sleeves when sewing sweatshirts.

Knickerbockers are a great option for spring or autumn, add some tights or stripey socks to complete the look. 

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