Dare to Try These 3 Summer Trends?

by admin

Summer is in full swing with get-togethers, outdoor activities, and vacations ahead. If you have not updated your summer closet with a few new trends, this is the time to do it.

Like many things in fashion, trends come back. This first trend is tie-dye. To most of us, the dye is a reminder of the hippie times of the 70s. I personally am not ready to rock a rainbow splattered T-shirt or blazer like this one from R13 collection. But I was eager to sample the trend by a subtle tie-dye option like this dress. The cut is breezy, the colors are muted but fun, making this the perfect contender for a vacation or a hot summer night gathering.

I styled the dress with a vintage Escada belt and vest. The details elevated the dress and made the look appropriate for a day or night option.

The second trend is another tough one for some of us to accept. How about biker shorts, worn as pants or regular shorts? I can’t help but associate the biker shorts with gym and 90s, but like an avid fashionista, I sampled the trend a few times. Here I am wearing it with a blazer and heels. The blazer helped tie together the look. It would not work the same way if I had taken it off and worn a T-shirt instead. In that case, I would have to go sporty and add boots or sneakers.

The third trend is the cutout romper. This style is perfect for summer and is very versatile to be dressed up or down. Here I styled it with a leather jacket which instantly added a level of sophistication to the look. Taking it off makes it the perfect item for a day stroll around the city or beach town. The cutout adds a sexy and fun element to an otherwise familiar summer style.

Which one of these trends are you ready to sample this summer?

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My exact outfit details:

Look 1: Zara Dress, Vintage Escada accessories

Look 2: Shopbop biker shorts, Pirosmani Blazer, Yuzeffi purse

Look 3: Choosy Romper, BCBG Maxaria Leather Jacket

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