6 Trends Spotted During Fashion Month That Will Dominate This Season

by admin

Street style images from the current fashion month continue to trickle in and give us major style inspiration for the season ahead.  Thanks to style stars like Danielle Bernstein, Mariana Eliseeva, and Karina Nigay, we now have our creative juices flowing on how to rock these fresh new trends. I encourage you to read below and try a few for yourself.

The suit trend has been strong for months. It is not going anywhere this season either. We have seen them in all shapes and sizes. Do not settle for the predictable grey combo, rather try a suit in a loud color, satin fabric or a wild print.  From classic to head-turning suits there is truly something for anyone who wants to add a two-piece suit to their repertoire this season. 


Be it a lace corset, a sexy bralette, a wide belt or a leather harness, major fashionistas are pushing the boundaries of what’s the norm in dressing up. Try one of these garments under or over a suit, the lace, and the “barely-there” concept will balance out the masculinity of the suit

The ankle tie shoes have been strong on the line up of shoe trends these past few seasons, but this time around creativity and forward-thinking of street style stars is giving this trend a second wind. The classic jeans-and-strappy-heels pairing is being revamped by strapping the ties around the pants versus the ankles. I say “Yes!” to this trend.


Move over all nude trend, the colder months are here. The fashionistas have spoken and agreed to bring back the black. This trend is sure to make many of us happy, anything goes, black shorts and black blouses with black boots, layered with a black trench, you get the idea. Black is back!


The trench trend is timeless. A classic trench should be in every girl’s closet, but this season brings extras along the way. A reinvented trench coat, that is one with extra bells and whistles, like cool hardware, different patching, and oversized shapes. 


Puffy sleeves are not big news, but puffy voluminous shapes are the new thing of the season. The more the merrier, be it in the shoulders, or the shape of a dress.

A new season is here, which means you can count on a fresh set of trends to hit the fashion scene in the coming days. Out with the old, in with the new! 

Thank you for reading and keep styling,

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