4 Ways to Make Your Clothes and You Look More Expensive

by admin

If you think you need a closet full ofdesigner goods to look expensive, you are wrong. It does not always require nice things, but it always takes effort on your part. Life is in the details, paying attention to the little stuff adds to your overall success, be it your appearance or life in general. Today I am sharing the 4 must-do tricks that will make you look like a million bucks, and you’re worth it!

1.  Wear your items pressed

Having unpressed or  unclean clothes is a deal-breaker. Mind you even denim can look wrinkled and take away from the flawless look that you could be flaunting otherwise. If you cannot afford to press all your items, invest in a nice iron, turn the music on and get ironing. Wrinkles on clothes will detract from your look and make even the most expensive outfit look cheap.

2.  Groomed hands and feet

This one is a must when it comes to looking polished. Your hands are always on display so take the time to take care of them. A fresh manicure and a little moisturizer and you will instantly add that value to your looks and appearance. The same goes for your feet. If you are wearing something that shows them, then get them groomed.  There is nothing worse than a pretty dress with open-toe shoes and chipped toenails. This detail can stand out like a sore ‘toe’, even if the rest of your look is on point. 

3.  Wear the right undergarments

Wearing the right underwear and bras is just as important as the outfit itself. If you think no one sees it so it does not deserve your attention think again. Seamless underwear or the right fitting bra might make or break your outfit. It will take away from your look if they are sticking out funny or are visible. Invest in a strapless bra and shapewear. There is no shame in wearing shapewear, especially with a figure-hugging outfit. 

4.  Stay away from logos

Wearing an item with a logo can make your outfit look tacky and cheapen it tremendously. Many brands like Armani Exchange, Guess, Almercombie tend to stick their logos on the garments for no good reason. It can often look less classy and takes away from an otherwise stylish piece. The same goes for fake items, it looks tacky and stands out making your outfit seem less polished than it should be. If you have the money for the real stuff, then certainly go for it. Owning a piece or two that spells high-end logo all over is ok for the right occasion. 

Looking good is an effort, but it feels good in the end. Whether you spend a few extra minutes ironing, painting your toenails or styling your hair in a new way it will pay off. When you feel good about yourself, nothing else matters.  So go ahead and invest a little extra time in your appearance and enjoy looking like a million bucks.

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